Summary of the project:

  • ICPCC DAO LLC is a community-owned and fully self-sustaining decentralized conference event series devoted to highlighting the ICP’s technology and ecosystem.
  • The DAO will control 100% of the ICP raised during its SNS swap sale, use the treasury to hire vendors to organize its events, and then receive the income from event ticket sales and sponsorships back into its treasury.
  • The ICPCC DAO will be a fully independent Marshall Islands Non-Profit DAO LLC, able to sign legal agreements and manage Intellectual Property via on-chain SNS proposals.
  • The DAO will elect an “ICPCC Council” of 3-5 notable ICP ecosystem leaders to shape critical proposals for the DAO to vote on.

Summary of the tokenomics:

  • $CONF will be the native token required for tickets, VIP perks, and merch for future ICPCC events. It will also serve as the SNS governance token.
  • 41% of the token supply will go towards SNS swap sale participants, a new record for SNS DAOs! Code & State will receive 4% according to the same vesting schedule as the SNS swap sale participants.
  • 4% of the token supply will be airdropped to all SNS Swap sale participants who contributed the first 80,000 ICP raised as an “early bird” bonus.
  • 4% of the token supply will be airdropped to ICPCC 2023 & 2024 attendees.
  • After a successful SNS swap sale, Johann Hartman is expected to submit a Request Motion proposal asking ICPCC DAO LLC to add 23,600 $CONF from its treasury alongside a comparable amount of $ICP as liquidity to a DEX, based on the max contribution limit set during the SNS launch.

How ICPCC DAO LLC is making history:

  • It will become the 1st self-sustaining Web3 event series with a fully DAO-controlled treasury.
  • It will be the 1st SNS DAO to be guided by a self-elected “ICPCC Council,” which will give it complete control over a leadership team it owns and manages.
  • It will be the 1st off-chain SNS DAO. An “off-chain DAO” means it will operate as a real-world legal entity to manage off-chain activities. In this case, the DAO will manage its treasury to fund in-person and virtual events.
Disclaimer: $CONF is not an investment. $CONF will have no cash value, and no promises for future price, value, or gains are being made by any party. ICPCC DAO LLC is independent and experimental. The creation and sale of the $CONF token is being done on behalf of the ICPCC DAO LLC by the NNS, which is also an independent DAO. By participating in the ICPCC SNS Swap sale, you’re agreeing to the Operating Agreement of the ICPCC DAO LLC. Nothing in this document is a recommendation to buy or financial advice.

Table of Contents


This Litepaper details the ICP Community Conference (”ICPCC”) DAO LLC, which will launch during an SNS sale in early May 2024 with a native token called $CONF. ICPCC DAO LLC is pending registration as a Non-Profit DAO LLC in the Marshall Islands (expected April 30th).


To create a genuinely community-owned and fully self-sustaining conference event series centered around highlighting the ICP’s technology and ecosystem in a way that’s only possible on ICP:

  • Gasless on-chain frontend for governance participation (the NNS).
  • No 3rd party required for paying bills or making critical decisions for the DAO.
  • No multi-sig or custodians for the DAO treasury wallet, leaving it 100% under the DAO’s control.


ICPCC has been a labor of love for Code & State. From the beginning, we've seen it as an event that truly belongs to the ICP community, which we've been honored to steward. By allowing the community to use the NNS to convert it into a fully independent DAO, we're exploring and defining a playbook for showcasing the power of ICP technology!

As of now, Code & State has already given up and handed over all Intellectual Property ("IP") and rights related to ICPCC to the community. The ownership of this IP will transfer to the ICPCC DAO once it's launched and able to legally accept it via SNS proposal. At this point, ICPCC is officially out of Code & State's hands.


There are two problems the ICPCC DAO LLC hopes to solve, one within the broader ICP ecosystem and one specific to the ICPCC event series:

  1. The ICP community lacks a method for collectively funding marketing activities for the ICP ecosystem.
  2. ICPCC should belong to the ICP community.

1. ICP Marketing

While the DFINITY Foundation does a fantastic job marketing ICP, many community members want to support DFINITY's efforts by making independent contributions towards spreading awareness about ICP and what it can do. This desire has led to public discussion about creating some form of “ICP community marketing DAO.”

However, launching an SNS DAO to raise funds for ICP marketing wouldn't be ideal. What incentive would be given to those contributing funds? What would happen once the treasury ran out?

For the community to come together and make noise about ICP in a way that lasts and makes an impact, there would need to be a sustainable business model within any type of "ICP community marketing DAO.”

2. ICPCC Control

Large conference event series brands are a critical component of growth for any Web3 ecosystem. However, having a centralized organization in control of hosting the events and the value they create doesn’t fit the spirit of what Web3 represents.

Some Web3 events claim to be DAOs, but (due to the limitations of other Web3 technologies) these DAOs are incomplete, and a third party ultimately retains the majority of actual ownership and control. For example, the "DAO" behind ETHDenver has no treasury or proposals.


These problems are solved by registering ICPCC as a Marshall Islands Non-Profit DAO LLC and launching it as an SNS DAO with a self-elected council:

  1. ICP Marketing: Every dollar the DAO spends would promote the ICP ecosystem as a whole. SNS contributors will receive a native token that provides utility for future events, and the DAO treasury could reach sustainability by collecting income from ticket sales and sponsorships.
  2. ICPCC Control: By combining the legal innovation of the Marshall Islands DAO LLC and the technical innovation of the SNS, we will be able to create the first truly independent and self-governing decentralized conference series in Web3.

Marshall Islands DAO LLC

A Marshall Islands DAO LLC is a legal entity that offers these benefits:

  • Limited Liability - DAO members (ICPCC SNS Neuron holders) receive liability protection!
  • KYC Clarity - Only DAO members who directly own/control 25% or more of the token supply or voting power are required to KYC. This requirement does not apply to delegated voting power, so even if more than 25% of the total DAO voting power follows the votes of an ICPCC SNS neuron, that would NOT trigger a KYC requirement for the neurons owner.
  • Corporate Personhood - The DAO can legally sign contracts, own Intellectual Property, & even hire employees.
  • Jurisdictional Clarity - The DAO is officially recognized as an entity in good standing with the sovereign government of the Marshall Islands. Under the laws of this country, the $CONF token does not fit the definition of or qualify as a security.
  • Non-Profit Status - As a non-profit, the DAO will not be required to pay taxes, yet it can still compensate 3rd parties for work rendered (such as active governance participation) and grow its treasury.
  • Low Registration Costs - The registration fee is only $5,000 annually, payable in crypto.

SNS DAO with Self-Elected Council

An SNS DAO with a self-elected council offers these benefits:

  • Control Over Leadership - The DAO can elect and remove council members directly, with no 3rd party involvement or dependencies.
  • No Service Providers - As an SNS DAO, it will have a gasless governance interface that does not rely on centralized service providers like snapshot.org. There will not be any admins who could change the governance rules or censor proposals. Everything happens fairly and transparently on-chain.
  • No Treasury Custodians - As an SNS DAO, the treasury can only be directly accessed via transparent public proposals adopted by a supermajority (67%) of DAO members. Chain-key technology removes the usual Web3 requirement for trusted multi-sig participants or secret key custodians.

DAO Structure

ICPCC DAO LLC will be a non-profit DAO LLC registered in the Republic of the Marshall Islands. In accordance with its filed Operating Agreement, the DAO entity's membership is through $CONF tokens staked into SNS neurons, and its governance is achieved through smart contract logic within the ICPCC SNS DAO canisters.

As such, the on-chain technical implementation and operations of the ICPCC SNS DAO are bound to the ICPCC DAO LLC entity and are, therefore, legally recognized by the sovereignty of the Republic of the Marshall Islands.

ICPCC Constitution

Because the ICPCC DAO LLC will self-direct its future, no 3rd party can commit it to a pre-determined roadmap. Instead, it will be deployed to the NNS with a living on-chain constitution that the DAO may update as needed.

ICPCC Council

In accordance with its Operating Agreement, the ICPCC DAO LLC will elect 3-5 notable leaders within the ICP ecosystem to hire as members of the “ICPCC Council.” This council will meet in a publicly accessible setting, such as an X.com space, to discuss and guide the creation of critical proposals for the DAO to vote on.

More details about the ICPCC Council may be found in the ICPCC Constitution.

ICPCC Council Neuron

ICPCC DAO will utilize a Voting Power (”VP”) Proxy Canister to give the SNS DAO the ability to create and control an “ICPCC Council Neuron.”

When members are added or removed from the ICPCC Council, their neuron is added or removed from the list of neurons that the ICPCC Council Neuron follows.

The ICPCC Council Neuron provides SNS DAO participants with a single neuron ID for following ICPCC Council decisions while enabling a few critically necessary protections:

  1. The ICPCC Council Neuron would abstain from voting on proposals to add or remove ICPCC Council members. This prevents ICPCC Council members from using their significant influence over voting power to infiltrate the ICPCC Council with accomplices or prevent their own removal.
  2. The ICPCC Council Neuron could be configured to abstain from voting on sensitive proposal categories, such as treasury transfer proposals. This would prevent ICPCC Council members from colluding to steal treasury funds.
  3. If a member is removed from the ICPCC Council for bad behavior, the risk of them continuing to influence significant voting power from inactive/dead SNS neurons that are still set to automatically follow their votes is significantly less likely since most DAO Members would be following the ICPCC Council Neuron.
  4. The ICPCC Council Neuron could be configured to delay applying the ICPCC Council's vote until the last hour of the proposal's voting period. This would maximize the amount of time that SNS DAO participants have to consider the proposal and vote manually should they disagree with the ICPCC Council's decision.
  5. The ICPCC Council Neuron could provide the DAO with an “Emergency Council Dismissal” feature, which would remove all ICPCC Council members in the event of an emergency that threatens the DAOs autonomy. The ICPCC Council Neuron would abstain from voting on the proposal to trigger this emergency measure so that the existing ICPCC Council members cannot prevent it, and the ICPCC Council would need to be reformed. This would be comparable to a “global reset of all followers” feature.

For these voting power protections to remain in place, SNS DAO participants are encouraged to add the ICPCC Council Neuron to their neurons ”Following” list rather than following individual members of the ICPCC Council directly. However, they retain the autonomy and capability to follow the votes of the neuron(s) they wish.

Creation of VP Proxy Canister

The VP Proxy Canister, which provides the ICPCC Council Neuron, will be created on behalf of the ICPCC DAO after its SNS launch. Some notable builders within the ICP ecosystem have agreed to submit Request Motion proposals to the ICPCC DAO so that they can construct it according to DAO guidance.

Initial Council Member Applications

  • Johann Hartmann - COO & Cofounder at HubMaker Labs (builders of the Catalyze DAO).
    • Johann has graciously agreed to be the very 1st council member applicant. Upon his election, he would facilitate the creation of the early proposals that will help the DAO be kicked off properly.
  • Esteban Suárez - Community & Event lead at Code & State. Esteban was the production lead of ICPCC 2023 and is the lead organizer of ICPCC 2024.
  • Kyle Stoflet - Founder & CEO at The Swop, a key media partner for both ICPCC 2023 & ICPCC 2024. Kyle is also the lead MC for ICPCC 2024.

Legal Documents

The ICPCC DAO LLC has three essential legal documents with the Republic of the Marshall Islands:

  1. Operating Agreement (filed) - This is the agreement between members of the DAO. The DAO members have the right to amend this document, so an editable version will be stored on-chain under the control of the ICPCC SNS DAO.
  2. Certificate of Formation (filed) - This certificate declares the details of the DAO being formed as “ICPCC DAO LLC.” A copy of this PDF document will be stored on-chain under the control of the ICPCC SNS DAO.
  3. Corporate Charter (pending) - This is granted by the Republic of the Marshall Islands government to make the DAO LLC registration official. It is expected by April 30th, 2024. A copy of this PDF document will be stored on-chain under the control of the ICPCC SNS DAO.

Launch Process

  1. Register the DAO (pending) - The paperwork for the ICPCC DAO LLC has been filed with the Government of the Marshall Islands, and they are expected to complete the registration by delivering a Corporate Charter by April 30th.
  2. Transfer ICPCC IP (completed) - As of now, Code & State has already given up and handed over all Intellectual Property (”IP”) and rights related to ICPCC to the community. The ownership of this IP will transfer to the ICPCC DAO once it’s launched and able to legally accept it via SNS proposal. At this point, ICPCC is officially out of Code & State’s hands.
  3. SNS Swap Sale (planned) - The goal is to have the SNS swap sale start a day or two before the ICPCC 2024 event on May 10th so that it is active during the event.
  4. ICPCC 2024 Event (planned) - This is a free 9-hour global livestream with community-organized meetup watch parties in major cities worldwide. It will help the wider Web3 community understand the incredible value ICP has to offer all blockchains, and it is being promoted by major Web3 publishers such as Cointelegraph, BeInCrypto, and Cryptoslate.
  5. ICPCC DAO LLC genesis (planned) - Once the SNS launch is completed, Johann Hartmann will submit a proposal to become the first member of the ICPCC Council. He'll be prepared to help the DAO submit the early proposals necessary to follow the initial plans, such as adding liquidity to a DEX and facilitating the airdrops.


Design Goals

We considered these goals when defining the SNS launch parameters & DAO tokenomics.

  • To have as much of the token supply as possible go to the SNS swap sale participants.
  • To incentivize members to make quality decisions for the long-term sustainability of the DAO.
  • To mitigate the risk of a 51% attack.
  • To provide the ICPCC 2023 & ICPCC 2024 attendees with a community airdrop.
  • To incentivize early participation in SNS swap sales.
  • To share a reasonable allocation with all the partners who made ICPCC possible, particularly Code & State, which spent over $300k hosting the first two events.
  • To align the SNS parameters with the context of events that might happen 9-15 months after DAO members vote on critical planning decisions.

Token Utility

In alignment with the ICPCC Constitution, the primary utility of the $CONF token is that it will be the sole asset accepted for ICPCC event attendee tickets, VIP perks, & officially branded ICPCC Event merch.

More details about the ICPCC Council may be found in the ICPCC Constitution.

Initial Token Supply


SNS Swap Sale: 41%

While most SNS sales have an average of ~25% for the swap sale participants, the ICPCC SNS will have 40% of its supply going to the SNS swap sale participants. This 41% SNS participation allocation sets a new record as the largest in SNS history! We’re breaking this record because we want the ICPCC DAO to truly belong to the community.

SNS Treasury: 29%

The DAO will hold 29% of the token supply in its treasury to:

  • Provide token liquidity to a DEX.
  • Provide a reserve for future SNS governance rewards or other incentives.
  • Mitigate the potential for a future 51% attack.

Code & State Investors: 16%

The Code & State venture studio was created through funding from 12 notable and generous investors. The ICPCC event series would not have been possible without the support of these independent, private ICP ecosystem investors.

These allocations will follow the same vesting schedule the SNS swap sale participants will receive.

Code & State Treasury: 4%

While most SNS token allocations include a “core team” category of ~14% of the token supply, ICPCC will self-elect and manage its own leadership. Code & State is simply taking on the role of a DAO participant and supporter. We believe a 4% token allocation for the Code & State treasury aligns with this role.

This allocation will follow the same vesting schedule the SNS swap sale participants will receive.

Community Airdrop: 4%

To give back to early community supporters, 4% of the token supply will be allocated to an airdrop for attendees of ICPCC 2023 and ICPCC 2024.

Airdrop Allocation Points

Execution of this community airdrop is tricky because:

  • The $CONF tokens will not exist until after a successful SNS launch is completed, so executing the airdrop will require coordination by the ICPCC Council.
  • The DAO will control the $CONF for this airdrop in its treasury, meaning the tokens can only be distributed if the DAO approves a treasury transfer proposal.
  • The total number of airdrop recipients is still unknown because ICPCC 2024 hasn’t happened yet.

On behalf of ICPCC DAO LLC, Principal IDs for Plug wallets will be collected for “Airdrop Allocation Points,” which the DAO may later use to facilitate this community airdrop.

After the ICPCC 2024 Airdrop Allocation Points are collected and the SNS launch is completed, the newly formed ICPCC DAO LLC would be responsible for dividing 4% of the $CONF supply by the total number of Points and then distributing tokens to each principal based on its number of Airdrop Allocation Points. Therefore, "Airdrop Allocation Points" simply represent a possible allocation within a planned future airdrop. As such, they have no cash value, are not on-chain assets, are not transferable, do not offer any form of guarantee, and do not represent any specific number of $CONF tokens.

Airdrop Allocation Points can stack. For example, a community member could earn a total of 12 Airdrop Allocation Points if they:

  • Attended ICPCC 2023 in person (6 Points)
  • Organized a meetup for ICPCC 2024 (6 Points)

ICPCC 2023

Event attendees received conference badges powered by ntagle. Only owners of these physical badges can mint or transfer unique “ICP Community Conference 2023” proof-of-attendance NFTs. Once formed, the ICPCC Council will coordinate a snapshot of these NFT holders so that they can each gain 6 Airdrop Allocation Points.

ICPCC 2024

There will be 4 ways for attendees to be whitelisted for Airdrop Allocation Points:

  1. Virtual attendees who make at least 3 valid airdrop entries into the Galactic Airdrops dapp during the live stream will receive 1 Airdrop Allocation Point. This only applies once; further airdrop entries after the first 3 have NO additional impact).
  2. In-person attendees for ICPCC meetup watch parties will receive 2 Airdrop Allocation Points. It only applies once to people who physically show up to the meetup; those caught trying to game the system will be blacklisted from receiving any points. Meetup organizers are not eligible for this method of gaining Airdrop Allocation Points.
  3. Meetup organizers for ICPCC meetup watch parties will receive 6 Airdrop Allocation Points.
  4. A selected group of ICPCC 2024 Influencers & Content Creators will receive variable distributions of Airdrop Allocation Points based on the nature and scope of their contribution.

Early-Bird SNS Incentive: 4%

SNS Swap sale participants who want to contribute large amounts of ICP have a financial incentive to delay their participation until the last minute. This allows them to minimize the overall size of the SNS raise and, therefore, maximize the amount of SNS tokens they receive for each ICP contributed.

To incentivize early SNS swap sale participation in a fair and exciting way, 4% of the $CONF token supply will airdropped to the NNS Principal IDs which contribute any of the first 80,000 ICP to the ICPCC SNS Swap sale, in proportion to the size of their contribution.

For example, if a participant were to contribute the very first 20,000 ICP during the SNS launch, they would receive an extra airdrop equal to 1% of the $CONF token supply. However, if 100,000 ICP is raised through direct contribution and a participant contributes the last 20,000 ICP of this amount, they were too late to qualify for this incentive and receive no early-bird bonus.

Restrictions & Limitations:

  • This incentive will only apply to direct SNS contributions.
  • This incentive only applies to contributions for the first 80,000 ICP of the SNS swap sale, according to the order of transactions logged in the ICP ledger canister.
  • This incentive will only apply to SNS participants who contribute ICP using their NNS wallet's default ICP account. This is because ICRC tokens can only be airdropped to Principal IDs. To find Principal IDs, the ICPCC Council would generate a list of the default accounts for all the Principals holding ICPCC Neurons and then match these against the list of qualified ICP ledger transactions. Since Principal IDs cannot be derived from ICP accounts, this would be the only feasible way to coordinate the airdrop, but ICP sent from the non-default NNS wallets wouldn’t have identifiable Principal IDs.
  • Since the $CONF tokens will not exist until after a successful SNS launch is completed, executing this airdrop will require coordination by the ICPCC Council.
  • In addition, the DAO will control the $CONF for this airdrop in its treasury, meaning the tokens can only be distributed if the DAO approves a treasury transfer proposal.

Partners: 2%

This allocation will be distributed to 4 individuals who made very strong contributions to making ICPCC 2023 & 2024 possible and who don't fit the definitions for any of the other token allocation categories.

These allocations will follow the same vesting schedule the SNS swap sale participants will receive.

Token Parameters

  • Ticker = $CONF
  • Total Supply = 1,000,000 $CONF - Fixed supply, no inflation.
  • Transfer Fee = 0.0001 $CONF

SNS Launch Parameters

  • Min ICP Raised = 1 ICP - If a low amount of ICP is raised, the DAO can still fund events through collecting sponsorships under the established ICPCC brand. The primary purpose of this SNS sale is to decentralize the existing ICPCC event series under a DAO rather than fundraising.
  • Max ICP Raised = 160,000 ICP - A $15 ICP would give $CONF a market cap of $8.25m and provide enough funding for the DAO to have 3-5 years of runway for hosting huge Web3 conferences!
  • Min Participation = 1 ICP
  • Max Participation = 20,000 ICP - 14 out of the first 17 SNS launches set a max participation of 50k ICP or larger. In the spirit of decentralization, we’re reducing this to 20k ICP.
  • Min Participants = 400
  • Neuron Fund Participation = No
  • Restricted Countries:
    • USA - To reduce the risk of SEC scrutiny and start ICPCC DAO LLC in good faith following all industry best practices, Americans are restricted from participating in the sale.
    • Iran, Syria, Cuba, North Korea, & Russia - To comply with the Marshall Islands & United Nations sanctions regimes, residents of these countries are restricted from participating in the sale.

Governance Parameters

The ICPCC DAO LLC governance incentive must align with the fact that the DAO members will often vote on proposals with significant long-term consequences for events planned 9-15 months in advance. Neurons that will remain staked long enough to realize the consequences of these proposals are most aligned with the success of ICPCC DAO LLC, so their votes should compose the majority of decision-making influence.

  • Minimum Dissolve Delay = 1 year - This is the minimum dissolve delay a neuron must have to cast votes on proposals.
  • Maximum Dissolve Delay = 8 years - To mirror the maximum delay for NNS neurons.
  • Max Age for Age Bonus = 2 years - The age at which the maximum age bonus will be given.
  • Minimum Neuron Stake = 0.01 $CONF
  • Reject Cost = 20 $CONF - A high rejection fee is necessary for reducing spam and holding ICPCC Council members to a high standard.
  • Initial Voting Period = 7 days - Because the ICPCC DAO LLC will be making proposals for planning future events, these proposals will be significant in importance and minimal in urgency. This justifies having a longer initial voting period than other SNS DAOs.
  • Max Voting Period Extension = 7 days

SNS Vesting Schedule

The $CONF tokens for SNS swap participants, the Code & State Treasury, the Code & State Investors, & Partners will all share the same vesting schedule; only the ICPCC DAO LLC treasury allocation will be unvested.

$CONF allocations will be spread evenly across 5 neurons (20% each) with these dissolve delays:

  • Neuron #1 - unlocked
  • Neuron #2 - 6 months
  • Neuron #3 - 12 months
  • Neuron #4 - 18 months
  • Neuron #5 - 24 months

Governance Rewards

The built-in SNS governance reward mechanism causes inflation in the token supply, but $CONF will have a fixed token supply. However, the SNS architecture provides flexibility for creating custom governance reward mechanisms using $CONF, ICP, or other ICRC tokens.

The initial governance rewards will be disabled to maintain a fixed supply, but the ICPCC Council will be expected to help the DAO define and implement a custom governance reward mechanism.

Voting Power Bonuses

ICPCC DAO LLC will need to manage a tricky balance:

  • Voting power bonuses should be maximized as much as possible to incentivize members to vote in alignment with the long-term sustainability of the ICPCC event series.
  • If voting power bonuses are brought too high before enough $CONF supply is locked into the SNS, the risk of a 51% attack which could drain the DAO treasury becomes too great.

To achieve this balance, the ICPCC Council will guide the DAO to steadily and safely increase the voting power bonuses as the supply of $CONF tokens staked into neurons and total active ICPCC DAO voting power increase over time. The ICPCC DAO may implement innovative strategies for incentivizing long neuron dissolve delays. One example would be hosting an ICPCC event with an exclusive VIP Neuron After-Party side event, which can only be attended by DAO participants who hold ICPCC DAO neurons meeting specific requirements.

  • Max Dissolve Delay Bonus (initial = 100%, target = 300%) - 300% would mean that the voting power of a neuron staked the maximum duration is the amount of staked $CONF multiplied by 4, which would be the largest max dissolve delay bonus ever!
  • Max Age Bonus (initial = 25%, target = 100%) - 100% would be larger than any other SNS's Max Age Bonus! If combined with the target Max dissolve delay bonus, the max total voting power bonus possible would be the amount of $CONF staked multiplied by 5.

Usage of ICP Funds

The ICPCC DAO LLC will be expected to use the raised ICP for:

Funding Events

Since the primary purpose of the ICPCC DAO LLC is to host conferences, the majority of ICP raised will be reserved for funding future events. The ICPCC treasury will collect all income from ticket sales and sponsorships with the goal of sustainably providing continuous funding for larger and better ICPCC events.

Early $CONF Liquidity

Within a few weeks after a successful SNS launch, Johann Hartman is expected to submit a Request Motion proposal asking ICPCC DAO LLC to add 23,600 $CONF from its treasury alongside a comparable amount of $ICP as liquidity to a DEX, based on the max contribution limit set during the SNS launch. The addition of this liquidity is subject to approval and execution by ICPCC DAO. No commitments, guarantees, or promises can or have been made by Johann Hartman, Code & State, or any other party regarding this LP addition or the future price of $CONF.

Governance Incentives

ICPCC DAO LLC may decide to compensate ICPCC Council members and incentivize early governance participation before implementing a custom governance reward mechanism. The ICPCC DAO participants will make the decision for if and how this would be done.


We, the people of the ICP community, hereby establish the ICPCC DAO as a living experiment to create an immortal and autonomous public good. This act represents a critical step towards a new type of revolution, not one of industry but of governance, using the power of the Internet Computer Protocol. Let this DAO serve as an example and compass for inspiring a new generation of Web3 innovators who will help humanity construct a world that's more just, free, fair, accessible, and transparent. The purpose of the ICPCC DAO will be to highlight and forever celebrate the role ICP has in achieving this noble vision of Web3. May we collectively guide it with diligence, unity, pragmatism, and righteousness.